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les spécialités savoyardes

€ 23.00
Pierrade, servie avec frites et salade
A hot stone served with a platter of beef, chicken and veal, sauces, french fries and salad
€ 17.00
Potatoes, bacon, Reblochon cheese, onions and cream oven baked
€ 21.50
Petit Ramoneur
Hot melted cheese, cured meat and warm potatoes
€ 21.00
Cured meat and warm potatoes served with a small fondue of Abondance cheese and salad
€ 17.50
Cheese and tomato fondue
€ 18.00
Cheese and mushrooms fondue
€ 17.00
Cheese Fondue
€ 22.00
Raclette à l'ancienne et sa garniture
Raclette served with cured meat and warm potatoes