Dried meat stuffed with a cream cheese, chestnut honey and Genepy sauce€14.50

Pork pâté with mushrooms and juniper berries, quinces and cranberries chutney €12.00

Sea bream tartar with ginger and Jalapeno pepper€16.50

Duck foie gras, pan-fried foie gras and smoked duck, with a spicy and honey sauce€18.00

"Montagnarde" saladSalad with raclette cheese and raw ham€11.50

Snails €9

Onion soup€9

Vegetable soup€9.50

Rice croquette with smoked ham, bean and bacon€14.00

Bun stuffed with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and an egg yolk€16.00

Raw chinese and red cabbage, apple, beetroot, with a spicy mustard€11.00

Puff pastry stuffed with leek and mushrooms€14.50

Baked lasagna€15.00

Baked vegetarian lasagna€15.00

Lobster ravioles and crayfish, green cabbage in a shellfish sauce€23.00

Chicken curryPan-fried vegetables with curry and chicken, coconut milk, lemongrass, rice with cardamom and ginger€21.00

Vegetable curryPan-fried vegetables with curry, coconut milk, lemongrass, rice with cardamom and ginger€17.00

Puff pastry stuffed with leek and mushrooms€17.00

Pork cheeks in a red wine sauce with candied onion and garlic€21.00

Veal with a liquorice sauce€25.00

Grilled pork ribs with a barbecue sauce, served with French fries€21.50

Roasted beef fillet€25.00

Beef rib€31.00

DuckburgerPotato fritter with duck breast, pan-fried foie gras, morels sauce€23.00

Roasted duckling fillet and thigh with peppercorn and Kalamansi€27.00

Sea bass fillet with a white wine sauce€24.00

Cod fish with chorizo, squid ink spaghetti and shellfish sauce€25.00

Local charr fish fillet topped with a carrot pesto€25.00

Cheese fondue€17.00

Cheese and tomato fondue€17.50

Cheese and mushroom fondue€18.00

Puff pastry stuffed with melted Reblochon, served with potatoes and cured meat€22.00

TartiflettePotatoes, bacon, Reblochon cheese, onions and cream, oven baked€17.00

Petit RamoneurHot melted cheese, cured meat and warm potatoes€21.50

BerthoudCured meat and warm potatoes served with a small fondue of Abondance cheese€21.00

Raclette Raclette served with cured meat and warm potatoes€22.00

PierradeA hot stone served with a platter of beef, chicken and veal, French fries and salad€23.00

Cheese plate€8.00

Dôme Granny SmithGreen apple mousse with an apple heart€8.00

Douceur 3 chocolatsCocoa biscuit, white chocolate and crispy nuts, chocolate mousse and cream€9.00

Notre Mont BlancVanilla shortbread with a chestnut cake and chestnut cream€9.00

Le tout chocolat-noisettesAlmond biscuit with a milk chocolate ganache, chocolate and hazelnut mousse€9.00

Rhubarb "crème brûlée"€8.00

Exotic fruits crumble served with a scoop of passion ice cream, coconut€9.00

Café gourmandCoffee served with a taste of our house dessert€10.00

Coupe des bois2 scoops of ice cream, red fruits, coulis and whipped cream€7.50

Dame Blanche2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream€7.50

Banana splitStrawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, banana, chocolate sauce and whipped cream€7.50

Mont Blanc2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, chestnut cream, whipped cream€8.00

Coupe ChaudanneCoconut and vanilla ice cream, banana, coconut, chocolate sauce, whipped cream€8.50

Williamine2 scoops of pear sorbet, pear alcohol€8.50

Colonel2 scoops of lemon sorbet, vodka€8.50

Coupe Savoyarde2 scoops of Genepy ice cream, Genepy€8.50

Coupe Italienne2 scoops of limoncello ice cream, limoncello€8.50

Kid's MenuPork ribs served with French fries
Chicken with French fries or vegetables
Fish fillet with French fries or vegetables
Baked Lasagna
Brownie or Kinder ice cream

Les Tranchants"Montagnarde" salad
Pâté with mushrooms and juniper berries
Onion or vegetable soup
Cod fish with chorizo, shellfish sauce
Pork cheeks in a red wine sauce, candied onion and garlic
Cheese or dessert

Le Pas de la LatteRice croquette with smoked ham, bean and bacon
Sea bream tartar with ginger and pepper
Sea bass fillet with a Savoie white wine sauce
Roasted duckling fillet with a peppercorn and Kalamansi sauce
Cheese or dessert

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